Elevate Your Soundtrack
with GameRunnaZ Records


GameRunnaZ Records is not your average boutique music publisher.

Specializing in music placements and sync licensing since 2008, GameRunnaZ has established itself as a hidden gem for many filmmakers and TV producers looking for that perfect sound to elevate their projects. It’s no debate that AI has completely changed the game for what companies are providing. GameRunnaZ aims to prove that human creativity is still the most powerful force by bringing a truly unique and organic sound to EVERY soundtrack.

With a strong background in crafting music tailored for movies, film, and television, J.T. and his team at GameRunnaZ Records are on a mission to bring a fresh new sound to the entertainment world. Their expertise in sync licensing ensures that every track they produce is perfectly suited to enhance visual storytelling and captivate audiences.

For library music, you will find we offer a library of traditionally accepted genres and works used in Reality TV and other similar programming, but we also offer a wealth of UNIQUE sounds in Hip Hop, R&B, Punk, Reggae, Reggaeton and more!

Whether you’re a filmmaker seeking the ideal soundtrack for your next project or a TV producer looking to elevate your show with top-notch music production, GameRunnaZ Records has the experience and creativity to deliver exceptional results. Trust in their passion for music publishing and placements to take your film or TV production to the next level. You can never make a groundbreaking project with a stale over-used soundtrack. Contact us today and let’s get to work!

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